GATOR MOTORPLEX        1/4 Mile High Banked Oval



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Gator Motorplex is a ľ mile high banked dirt speedway located in Willis , Texas . Gator Motorplex hosts some of the largest motorsports events in the state of Texas . Racers from all over the United States come to the track twice a year with the U.S. Modified Touring Series bringing 50 plus modifieds with them. This touring series is the most elite groups of modifieds that visit Texas. Then the American Sprint Car Association, ASCS, also visit us in July and on Memorial Day each year bringing the best of the best of the southern states. These fuel injected sprints are one of the fasted alcohol burning sprints with speeds that exceed 110 mph on dirt. Other Special Classes of sprints that visit Gator Motorplex are the Southern Outlaw Winged 600cc Series, the Eighth Mile Sprinters, and Brazos Micro Sprint Association. All of these sprints plus our very own 360 Sprints which run bi-monthly pack the grandstands as they race for the finish line. 


 If thatís not enough, Gator Motorplex host weekly feature events consisting of: Outlaw IMCA Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Hobby Stocks,  Gator Motorplex also encourages families to get involved in the sport of dirt track racing with an affordable beginner class, Pure Stocks. This class is one of the fasting growing groups of cars and is available for thirteen year olds and up. We also have a Powder Puff Series for the ladies to participate in the sport of racing. This makes Gator Motorplex one of the most active racing complexes in the State of Texas .


Many opportunities are available to reach the local fans that attend the motorplex in numbers that exceed 150,000 per year. Gator Motorplex is the innovator in dirt track racing and will continue to bring loyal fans from numerous counties and other states to our unique and exciting action each week throughout the year.


There are many different levels of sponsorship and advertising at Gator Motorplex. A 10 Ft X 20 Ft Catch Fence Sign Package is one of the most visible ways to reach the fans and participants each week at the racetrack. Gator Motorplex also offers Fence Sign Packages, which is a 4 Ft X 8 Ft space along the fence to display a permanent sign of advertising.  These spaces are leased on an annual basis and can be renewed from year to year. The term of the contract shall be one year following the execution of the Fence Sign Agreement. There are numerous locations for the signs to be displayed. Advertiser has the option of placing their sign along the fence on highway 75, spectator entrance, pit entrance, or track side.


From Event and Series Sponsorships, to Sign Packages, or T-Shirt Advertisement, Gator Motorplex can help any company reach its marketing or relationship goals. Each opportunity may be combined with others to provide the exact solution to achieve results.


To initiate advertisement at Gator Motorplex, contact Randy or Theresa Waller at Gator Motorplex . Track office number is 936-588-6127, or e-mail address is