SDRphoto.comís powder puff series is designed to give the ladies who have NEVER been registered to race in normal competition a chance to race and have fun.

Age Requirement: 13-15 years olds must run a Pure Stock or OEM Stock if participating in the race. (Minors Must Have A Completed Minorís Release On File) 16 or older may run a Hobby Stock or Street Stock.

This is due to track insurance requirements.

Registration Information: 2010 SDRphoto.com Stock Car Powder Puff Series Registration Fee $25 (one-time fee) All stock car powder puff participants will be required to register with SDR Photo prior to racing in the stock car series events.

Track Requirement: All participants MUST purchase a PIT PASS prior to each weekly event.

Series Information: The 2010 season will consist of several races, some will be double points. 

The line up will be based on points after the first race, which will be done by drawing a chip. The points will be inverted, points leader to the rear. The winner of the weekendís previous race will start behind all points cars. If you miss a race, your next race will start behind all cars that raced the previous weekend. Points and lineup will be done by Arthur Hermiz and any discrepancies need to be taken up with him.

Rewards & Winnings:

The winner of each night will also be given a $30 credit at the SDRphoto.com booth at Gator Motorplex. The credit can be used each night, or can build up for a larger order in the future. Powder Puff Queen will be crowned at the 2010 Driver's banquet. 


Only Stock cars will be able to participate in this series.  Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, and Enduros will be able to compete in the SDR Photo Powder Puff Series. We recommend that you make arrangements with a second car in case something happens to the first car during the regular race.

Points System:

1st Place 100

2nd Place 95

3rd Place 90

4th Place 85

5th Place 80

6th Place 75

7th Place 70

8th Place 65

9th Place 60

10th Place 55

11-24th Place 50

www.SDRphoto.com Powder Puff Series Drivers Registration





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In consideration of the awards for this event and the sanctioning of the event by SDRphoto.com, the car owner and driver individually and jointly agree that SDRphoto.com, and its successors and/or assigns may use their name(s) and picture(s) of their person and car described herein, or any of them, in any way, medium or material for promoting, advertising, recording or reporting this event before, during and after such event, and do hereby relinquish all rights hereto for these purposes. Furthermore, the car owner and driver understand that racing is a dangerous sport and understand that accidents happen during racing events. The car owner and driver will not hold SDRphoto.com or the track, Gator Motorplex, liable for any damages or injuries during one of our events. Powder Puff officialsí calls will be final at race time. Please remember, this is for fun, if you take it too serious and donít have fun, it is your own fault. Good luck to everyone.